I am a Master SFG, SFB and SFL Instructor and the CEO of StrongFirst. I am also the Ground Force Method National Director for Italy, the BPro Physical Functional Training Director for Italy and the Flexible Steel European Director of Operations. I’m a  former powerlifter, natural bodybuilder, and owner of fitness centers. I was the first Italian to accomplish the Beast Tamer Challenge. I  have been a Master Teacher for FIF (Italian Federation of Fitness) for almost two decades (1994-2012) and the former vice president of the AINBB (Italian Association of Natural Bodybuilding). I trained many athletes at national and international level in natural bodybuilding, powerlifting and other sports. I have authored a couple of books and several manuals, and also many articles for Italian popular magazines and websites dedicated to fitness, bodybuilding, and strength training. I worked with leading Italian companies in the field of sports equipment, body composition evaluation software, and nutritional supplements. 

And here’s my (almost) full bio:


This is my Company
Pure Power snc di Fabio Zonin e Thomas Pesce – It commercializes kettlebells, manufactures and commercializes training equipment, manufactures and commercializes nutritional supplements, organizes courses, workshops and seminars on kettlebell, barbell and bodyweight training. It is a publishing house, and the licensee for Italy for StrongFirst, Ground Force Method, BPro Physical Functional Training and Flexible Steel.

I am involved in the following Websites


I am the author of the following Books and DVDs
Bodybuilding Ad Alta Intensità , 2001.
Kettlebell: Duro E Essenziale, 2013.
Kettlebell: Duro E Essenziale – DVD, 2016.

The following are my Kettlebell Training Certifications and achievements
RKC Level 1, 2009
RKC Level 2, 2010
First Italian to accomplish the Beast Tamer Challenge”, Hungary, 2010
Team Leader RKC, 2011
Senior RKC, 2012
Senior SFG, 2012
Master SFG, 2013

The following is my Powerlifting Instructor Certification
Strengh Training Expert – FIPL-AIF, 2013

The following are my Primal Move Certifications and achievements
Primal Move Fundamentals Level 1 Instructor, 2012
Primal Move National Director for Italy, 2012
Primal Move Fundamentals Level 2 Instructor, 2012
Primal Move Velocity Instructor, 2012

The following are my CrossFit Certifications
Crossfit Level 1 instuctor, Italy, 2009
Crossfit Olympic, Italy, 2011
Crossfit Gymnastic, Italy, 2011

The following are other Certifications that I achieved
Istruttore di Bodybuilding, Italy, 1992
Maestro di Bodybuilding, Italy, 1993 
CK-FMS, Minneapolis, MN, 2011

I attended the following Seminars (and many more)
VIP Class Seminar Tacfit-Cst, Italy, 2010
Bodyweight Training Workshop, Minneapolis, MN, 2011

Maximum Impact Barbell Training, San Jose, CA, 2012
Naked Warrior – Bodyweight Training, Minneapolis, MN, 2012
Superior Strength Seminar, With Pavel Tsatsouline & Andy Bolton, 2014
Plan Strong Seminar, With Pavel Tsatsouline, 2014
Strong Endurance Seminar, With Pavel Tsatsouline, 2017

I worked as a Fitness instructor at the following gyms
Associazione Lotta Pesi Vicentina Umberto I, Vicenza, 1989-1990.
Centro Sportivo Corpo Più, Caldogno (VI),1989-1991.
A.S. Bushido, Alte di Montecchio Maggiore (VI), 1990 -1991.
A.S. Ren Bu Kan, Vicenza ,1992-1994.

I owned the following Gyms
Fast Sporting Club, Alte di Montecchio Maggiore (VI), 1991-1997.
A.S. Fast Sporting Club 2 c/o Palasport di Via Goldoni, Vicenza, 1995-1997.
Centro sportivo W.E.B., Alte di Montecchio Maggiore (VI), 1997-1999.
Axel Palestre,  Caldogno (VI), 1999-2008.
Centro Sportivo MAS by Axel Bolzano Vic.no (VI), 2005-2008.

When I was a competitive Powerlifter and Bodybuilder I achieved
3° place: North-Italian Powerlifting Championship, 1985 (15 years old)
3° place: Grand Prix Natural Bodybuilding City of Vicenza, 1985 (16 years old)
2° place: Selection for the European Championship of Natural Bodybuilding, 1992
3° place: Italian Championship of Natural Bodybuilding AINBB, 1993
1° place: Italian Championship of Natural Bodybuilding Open, 2006
2° place: Italian Championship of Natural Bodybuilding Open, 2006

As a bodybuilding coach I trained several natural bodybuilders at both national and international levels.

When I was involved in A.I.N.B.B. (Italian Association of Natural Bodybuilding) I was
Coach of the Italian National Team at the NGA world championships, New York, 1994.
Vice-President of A.I.N.B.B. (Italian Association of Natural Bodybuilding), 1995-1999.
Italian National delegate for the NBBF World Championship, 2002.
Italian National delegate for the NBBF World Championship, 2005.
Italian National delegate for the NBBF World Championship, 2006.
Italian National delegate for the NBBF World Championship, 2007.

When I was involved in F.I.F. (Italian Federation of Fitness) I was
National Advisor, 1996-2012
Member of the CTD (Technical and Educational Committee), 2000-2012.
National co-coordinator for the Bodybuilding, Personal Training e Functional Training sections, 2004-2012
Master teacher at the Certification Courses for Bodybuilding & Fitness instructors, Personal Trainers and Functional Training Experts, 1996-2012.

I was author or co-author of the following educational material for FIF (Italian Federation of Fitness)
Bodybuilding & Fitness Instructor Certification Course Manual (Co-author).
Personal Training Instructor Certification Course Manual (Co-author).
Methodologies and programming for muscular hypertrophy Course Manual (Author).
How to design training programs Course Manual (Author).
Hormonal Influences induced by resistance training Course Manual (Author).
Natural Bodybuilding methodologies Course Manual (Author).
Cardiofitness & Circuit Training Course Manual (Co-Author).
Bodybuilding & Fitness Instructor Certification Course DVD (Co-author).

I was co-author of the following educational material for M & G Press
In.forma@eurosup.com – complete health & fitness guide.
In.bici@eurosup.com – nutrition & supplements for maximum performance.

I was a Consultant for the Company Gsa-Tea for the realization of the software ‘FitNext’ for the computerized assessment of body composition.

I had cooperation relationships with the following companies operating in the fitness industry
Panatta Sport – Fitness Tools, 1997-1998.
Axon – Fitness Tools, 1999-2000.
Norex Italia – fitness tools, 2001.
Decò sport – Nutritional Supplements, 2003.
Eurosup – Nutritional Supplements, 2003-2009.
Gsa-Tea Srl, 2004 to present.
SportsArt Fitness Italia – Fitness Tools, 2005-2008.
Net Integratori – Nutritional Supplements, 2009-2012.
Xenios – Training Tools, 2010.

I had cooperation relationships with the following magazines and websites operating in the fitness industry
Performance, 1996-2012.
La Palestra (http://www.lapalestra.net), 2006-2012.
http://www.netintegratori.it, 2009-2012