Hi! I am Fabio Zonin, a former powerlifter and natural bodybuilder with an inexhaustible passion for strength training. I have been in the industry for over 40 years, during which time I have worn many hats: fitness center owner, teacher, vice president of AINBB (Italian Natural Bodybuilding Association) and international speaker at conferences on strength training, bodybuilding and fitness.

For almost two decades, I have been a master teacher for the Italian Federation of Fitness (FIF), and helped to train numerous athletes and enthusiasts throughout Italy. If lifting weights is involved, I’m probably involved too!

Currently, my main venture is with StrongFirst, one of the most internationally renowned strength training schools. As Chief of Staff & Certified Master Instructor, I am responsible for staffing and organizing certification courses for kettlebell, bodyweight and barbell instructors worldwide. I teach certification courses for StrongFirst in Europe, UK, USA, Canada, Latin America, Israel, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, India and other countries. I am privileged to be able to develop and implement advanced training programs that help athletes and coaches reach new heights. My work with StrongFirst is a perfect mix of passion and professionalism and allows me to be at the forefront of innovations in the field of strength training at all times.

I also have senior roles with other major international organizations. I am the European Director of Operations & Specialist for Flexible Steel, where I coordinate European operations and I am specialized in flexibility and strength techniques. In addition, as a Master Instructor for Original Strength, I conduct courses and workshops on postural reset and functional strength techniques around the world.

For SBB (Sustainable Bodybuilding), I am a lecturer dedicated to teaching advanced courses on sustainable bodybuilding and strength training, developing educational materials and curricula that promote a balanced and healthy approach to bodybuilding. I also collaborate with Obiettivo Performance, a platform dedicated to training in the field of athletic training and sports performance. With them, I give seminars and have recorded an online course, helping to spread advanced knowledge and techniques to an ever-widening audience.

In addition to in-person teaching, I have developed a series of online courses covering various aspects of strength and fitness training. These courses are designed to allow anyone, anywhere to access high-quality content and learn the best training techniques. Among my most popular online courses are “Barbell Fundamentals,” “Built Strong Minimalist,” “Built Strong Maximum,” and “Diventa Forte con i Kettlebell.” Each course is designed to offer a comprehensive learning path from the basics to advanced techniques to help you get the most out of your training sessions.

Writing is another of my passions. I have authored and co-authored technical instructional manuals and books such as “Reload,” “Kettlebell: Duro e Essenziale,” and “Bodybuilding ad Alta Intensità.” I have also written numerous articles for reputable magazines and websites such as StrongFirst, Dragondoor, Original Strength, Federazione Italiana Fitness and La Palestra. I have collaborated on scientific studies, some of which have been published on prestigious platforms such as PubMed and ResearchGate.

My commitment to the fitness world does not stop there. I have worked with leading sports equipment and nutritional supplement companies such as Panatta Sport, Axon Fitness Equipment, Eurosup, GSA-Tea, and Box Functional Training Equipment. Each collaboration has been an opportunity to innovate and further improve the training world while learning something new.

I consider myself an eternal student, always looking for new knowledge and techniques to learn and share with my students. I firmly believe that the learning process never ends, and every day I try to expand my knowledge to offer the best to those who rely on my expertise.

In short, my path has been a mix of sweat, study and a lot of passion. If you want to improve your strength, explore natural bodybuilding, and learn how to get the most out of kettlebell, barbell, or free-body training, you’ve come to the right place!

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